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is an easy-to-use, multi-patented web application for restaurant guests to electronically place orders and pay for meals from their table. This technology allows for the consolidation of food orders and payments when people are ordering from multiple devices. Unlike the tableside kiosks that are appearing in restaurants today, eMeal’s technology makes use of the smart phones guests have with them at restaurants. No longer will the guests have to fight over one unit. Each person will have individual control in an easy-to-use, familiar platform.


Make changes as soon as they happen, and keep customers up to date with specials and availability.


With customers paying via smartphone, you can guarantee safe payment and less liability.


Less passing between hands of information means more safety for your customers.

Increase Business.

Push specials, up-sell and cross-sell, and increase your average bill.

Decrease Time.

Less time taking orders and delivering them means more time doing necessary work.


More tables can be covered.


Fewer round trips means less stress on your workers.