is an easy-to-use, multi-patented web application for restaurant guests to electronically place orders and pay for meals from their table. This technology allows for the consolidation of food orders and payments when people are ordering from multiple devices. Unlike the tableside kiosks that are appearing in restaurants today, eMeal’s technology makes use of the smart phones guests have with them at restaurants. No longer will the guests have to fight over one unit. Each person will have individual control in an easy-to-use, familiar platform.


Everything you need, right in the palm of your hand. No need to ask for a menu, and you can check it out before you ever check in.


Dining is supposed to be social, not tedious — with eMeal, ordering is made easy so you can focus on your friends.


No more waiting for wait staff. Just place your order on eMeal whenever you’re ready.


When the meal is over, just ask via eMeal for the check, and even split the bill between your group. No more fuzzy math.


Share items with friends or cover another diner’s tab, all with the tap of a finger.


Do all of your friends love talking at the same time? With eMeal, each diner can order and pay at their own pace on their own smartphone.


Avoid handing out easily copied credit cards. eMeal lets you pay straight from your own phone.